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1. When is it time to seek in-facility care for dementia?

The best time to find a memory care facility for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is when you start to feel like you can’t manage to care for her on your own anymore. This doesn’t mean you have failed in any way. Finding a facility sooner than later is the safest, healthiest thing you can do for your loved one and the rest of your family.

2. What is a skilled care facility, and how does it differ from in-home care?

Skilled nursing is 24 hours, seven days a week. It provides nursing care for dementia, assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), and on-site monitoring and administering of medications by experienced professionals. Skilled care facilities also offer stimulating social programs for residents that are often not available in a home setting, and are more secure than home care for patients with exit-seeking behaviors.

3. What is the “Heritage Way”?

The “Heritage Way” is our unique philosophy that puts the comfort and emotional well-being of our guests and their families above all else. We don’t challenge our residents, abide by strict schedules against their wishes, or keep families from seeing them at any hour of the day. Our residents are allotted flexibility and autonomy within our safe dementia and Alzheimer’s care facility. The Heritage Way is about accommodating the pleasures, independence, and dignity of individuals.

4. What can my loved one bring with them to Heritage?

Your loved one can keep anything they like from home within their private room. If keeping a cherished item in their personal quarters reduces confusion, then it helps us in our goal of keeping residents happy and comfortable.

5. How can my family stay involved during our loved one’s stay at the facility?

Heritage Memory Care wants to make sure there is an open line of communication between caretakers, residents, and families. Families can discuss their loved one’s care plan with staff during scheduled quarterly meetings, as well as attending our monthly family council meeting and support group. We also offer 24 hour visiting at our dementia and Alzheimers care facility, and can accommodate special parties and other occasions for individual residents.

6. When I visit, can I temporarily take my loved one off-property?

Yes. Texas guidelines allow us to release residents to approved individuals for up to 72 hours. We ask you to keep in mind, however, that repeated or extended exits from the facility can increase confusion and elopement upon a resident’s return.

7. Will my loved one be forced to participate in activities or eat food they don’t like?

Absolutely not. Besides being against the law, forcing our residents to do or eat things they don’t want would counteract Heritage Memory Care’s goal of keeping our community happy and fulfilled. Besides offering a range of social activities as well as options for alone time, Heritage always offers a meal alternative to residents who do not like our scheduled main meal.

8. Will my insurance pay for Heritage Memory Care’s services?

Heritage Memory Care will explore every financial option available to help meet the needs of your loved one. All insurance plans are screened upon admittance to the facility, and families are informed about what each plan will cover.

9. What security measures are in place to ensure my loved one’s safety?

As a dementia and Alzheimers care facility that caters to patients with exit-seeking behaviors, Heritage Memory Care is dedicated, above all, to the safety of our residents. Our unit is equipped with security doors, and codes are given to staff only. We have also installed cameras in our common areas and halls, and videos are recorded for review purposes..

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