North Central Texas:


North Central Texas

Arlington Residence & Rehabilitation Center
405 Duncan Perry Street
Arlington, Texas 76001
Phone: (817) 649-3366
Fax: (817) 633-3513


Lockney Health & Rehabilitation
401 North Main Street
Lockney, TX 79241
Phone: (806) 652-3375
Fax: (806) 652-3147


News & Announcements

“Talking About Turkeys”

Minnie Elizabeth Boyd Jackson or better known as Beth Jackson was born near Gatesville, TX on September 29th, 1915. She had 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they were raised... read more...

“Nothing is Sweeter Than Honey”

Inez Alene Thomas Phillips Richardson or better known as Inez Richardson was born on September 21, 1916 near Greenville, TX. At 9mo old, her Papa bought some land in... read more...