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Heritage Memory Care understands that there are many facets to personal well being. We give our memory care facility guests daily opportunities to pursue their interests and enjoy themselves through a diverse array of physically and mentally-stimulating programs.

From our spiritual and recreational activity options to our focus on physical fitness through exercise and dietician-approved meals, Heritage Memory Care’s nursing care for dementia and specialized guest regimen doesn’t leave any part of our guests’ health unattended. Even our property itself is meticulously-designed to soothe anxiety and encourage social interaction. We believe no component of care should be compromised for another, especially seeing to the well-being and comfortable adjustment for the families and caregivers of our residents.

Heritage takes a person-centered approach at our memory care facilities. Your loved one isn’t some numbered patient on a chart—they are an individual with unique interests and dignity, who has a lot left to contribute to the world around them. Our care regimen begins by assessing each guest to get to know her previous lifestyle and habits. The Heritage Way encourages participation in activities tailored to each resident’s preferences, allowing for personal time as desired, and reinforcing our residents’ capabilities and independence.

When we say our care is focused on the heart, we mean much more than the one that physicians see. Heritage Memory Care is dedicated to the relationship between our residents, their families, and the care partners who strive daily to meet their physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive needs.

Coping with your loved one’s dementia is a struggle. Heritage Memory Care is here to lend a hand..

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